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Aligarh Web Solutions is a leading website designing, hosting and maintenance firm in and around Aligarh. We are affordable, reliable and accessible to our clients. We are located at
B-29, Silver Plaza, Anup Shahr Road
Uttar Pradesh

Website designer and developer in AligarhIf you are looking for a website designing/making company/firm in Aligarh then look no further. It is very easy to find a website designer but a website designer, developer in Aligarh like us can be a very helpful and cheap. So called big guns in the business often quote high prices and leave all upto the technical skill of the client. We on the other hand take all the responsibilities for your website ourself. To have a website involves:

  • Planning and research : In this stage we try to find out why do we need a website and how do people in the same business are putting themselves on the internet.
  • Type of website: We will help you decide what plan is best suited for your purpose. If the basic plan of Rs. 1000/- is sufficient then there is no need of investing Rs. 10000/- for the same.
  • SEO: After hosting your website the next important thing is telling people about your web site and ensuring that when people google or bing key words related to your business/website. This is called search engine optimization. We help all our customers in getting their website indexed in google and bing.
  • Routine Checkups: Once the website is up and running it is very necessary to ensure it remains ‘healthy’ (virus free) and is updated regularly. Leave this job to us as well.

We at Aligarh Web Solutions help you in domain name selection and hosting, hosting your website and designing a website which is appealing and useful. As a website maker in Aligarh our basic plan costs you as little as Rs. 1000/-.

For a limited period we are offering to help all the departments, centres, colleges and schools of Aligarh Muslim University to get a free website of on google sites or at the university portal. 

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