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Get a Website for Free


GET WEBSITE FREE is a promotional offer from Aligarh Web Solutions. It will be a one page website hosted on wordpress or blogger without any root domain. The idea is to provide people an idea of online presence and the limitless possibilities that it brings to their business or NGO.


One page means A4 size page and the content it holds with one inch margin on all sides, font Times New Roman, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing.


Free get website freewordpress or get website freeblogger hosting is very restrictive in terms of adding features like banners and widgets. But it provides the necessary space to host your content and provide necessary security and uptime guarantee because these two are the word leaders in cloud computing and online space provisions.


Domains are the actual address of your website in the internet world. So is our domain. A fully developed website will keep its own domain. Domains cost money and can be purchased from domain registrars by any one. Since this is a free offer you will get a subdomain or non-root domain like or

If you want basic internet presence such kind of website can be very useful to you.