The Best Website Designer in Aligarh

cpc-site-headerThis is very heartening to announce that Aligarh Web Solutions as per its commitment to the cause of education and giving back to society, helped Career Planning Centre, Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh get its own website.

The challenge was to keep the website free. The best recourse suggested by the admin to the director was to get it on google sites. The link for the site is: . Aligarh Muslim University is providing a very basic and crude form of webpage space for its departments, cetres and schools, that is why most of these resort to private website hosting and domain providers.

Aligarh Web Solutions has committed that it can help any department, college, centre or school of the university to get a website of its own free of cost.

As per its commitment the site for Career Planning Centre is up and running.


Hope it benefits the needy.


Wish you to have a website of your own.